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In this video I’ll give you two signs that prove that a man is ready for commitment. Ready for a real relationship, eventually marriage if you’re in to that … the happily ever after so to speak.

Let’s FIRST go over a couple of important signs that he’s NOT ready to commit.
If you or someone else talks about marriage or anything that’s related to pure commitment, then his immediate reaction will tell you everything.
If he starts to laugh “yeah hahahehe…”,
or breaks eye contact and looks away,
If, when you start talking about something that’s related to a committed relationship, he looks like a goat that accidentally started chewing on a wasp (show the face….) ,

I exaggerate but any kind of strange facial reaction counts.

if you hear sentences like: “what’s the rush?”, “I’m happy the way everything is. Why change something that’s already great?”, then the cards are not looking good.

However, contrary to VERY popular belief, most men ARE looking for commitment, regardless of their age, regardless of their experiences with other women in the past. Even after a messy divorce. He will be hesitant, but still looking for commitment. What IS the case however, is that some men stay with a woman, even though they would rather chew on a wasp than to commit to her specifically. They are simply waiting for the next woman and are dishonest.

So the 2 signs are pretty important. Number 1: He’s NOT rushing into it, but he IS consistently moving forward.
Is he ticking off the boxes?
Is he doing his homework?
Is he trying to get to know you?
Does he have deep conversations with you or is he more interested in sex than anything else? The man who is serious about a future with you, wants to get to know the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with. He wants to know everything there is to know about her.
And perhaps most importantly: is his interest level in you CONSISTENT! If you have to wonder where you stand with him, then you’re standing nowhere.
Here’s what a guy who’s ready to commit will NEVER do:

“okay so I really love this woman.
I want to wake up next to her for the rest of my life.
I want to share the beautiful moments of life with her forever,
so consequently
I’ll start playing hard to get now. I’ll withdraw. I’ll spend more time with my friends, I’ll be in touch with other women, I’ll leave my dating profile online or I may create a new one or… a dozen of them, I will hide my girlfriend from my friends and new people I meet, I will have a lot of secrets for her and IF she is in the same room I will guard my phone and the messages on it it with my life!… I will promise to call her back and then forget all about it, I’ll also promise her to do something and then, I will obviously NOT do it… you know hehe, because I love her so much…I want to prepare my girlfriend for our lifelong commitment together.

See, this would never happen. Now some women get this behavior from their man. These women are looking for commitment, their guy, not so much. and yet some women stick around when their guy shows THIS type of immature behavior. This immature guy IS preparing you for what life will look like if you stay with him. More of the same….

That’s why a guy who rushes into a relationship is not really a good sign, because it is a sign of immaturity. He may change his mind faster than you can unlock your bra (which is very hard for most men by the way. Its like…. Who invented this??).

Sign number two: he plans for a future with you and mentions it. So it’s not: “let’s see where this goes”, but “I want this to go here and there or what do you think about that style of apartment or house? I want to get a new couch but I want you to decide with me because you have to like it as well. Say, are you a dog or a cat person?“ These are signs that he’s thinking about a future with you and he’s picturing you in that future. This guy does not act like he just saw a T-Rex when you hint at having a future together, he gives you a kiss instead.

Now of course, you can make it easier for him to see you in his future, and that’s what I explain in some of my other video’s that you can find over here or on my website.
Just remember: if a guy is not consistently moving forward and appears flaky (he changes his mind a lot about you), please pretend he’s an angry Rhino, and start running. You’re a high value woman, I’m sure you don’t have time for immature men who can’t make up their mind. Beware, this sounds easy in theory, but love is blind. That’s why i make videos like these, to open your eyes.

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