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In this video I will go over 4 Signs that a man loves you. When you see these 4 signs, he means well and doesn’t just like you, he may love you.

As I wrote in my book “red flags, how to know he’s playing games with you” and in this book…. men who really love you will send out certain signals and men who don’t, will send out even different signals. But in this video, we’ll focus on the signs that a man really loves you, because those are important signs, when you get the signs that a man loves you, you’ll know you’re not wasting your time and that the relationship has a future.

The first and most important sign that a man loves you is: he’s investing in you. Not by handing you money, but he is putting in an effort that costs him something.

Great examples are: his friends invited him to do something he loves, but he choses to spend that time with you. And you didn’t even have to ask for it. Or he watches your favorite show with you, even though he really couldn’t care less about it. He goes out with you and friends of you, even though he doesn’t like them, and so forth. These are all investments because he has other opportunities that he chooses to ignore. And he’s doing it for you, he’s doing it because he loves you. So this is a great first sign that a man loves you.

Now, he has his own life to live as well and he can’t do these things all the time, but this here, should happen often. He chooses you. He invests in you and in the relationship. It will be clear that both you and the relationship are important to him. You won’t have to wonder, it will be clear. If you DO have to wonder about his priorities, consider that a red flag.

The second sign that a man loves you is that he protects you. Men are designed, from the ground up, out of the box, when they roll out of the factory, to protect the women they love.

Not to protect the woman they like, but the woman they love. He would give his life, to his woman.

If you’re ever walking in a dark alley in a bad part of town and you are with your guy and all of a sudden there are two guys in front of you who don’t mean well, and becomes apparent because they point a gun at you and say: “give me your purse”, then the guy who doesn’t love you will say….
absolutely nothing because he will no longer be there,
you’ll be hearing his footsteps as they run away in the distance while he may or may not be shrieking like 3 year old boy that believes there’s a monster under his bed.

If he does love you, he will automatically pull you behind him and stand in front of you so he can catch the bullet if needed. He will still be really afraid and scared, but it will not matter. His love is so strong that he just wants you to be safe. And protecting you is an automatic reaction when he loves you. That’s why it’s a great sign that a man loves you.

Now I don’t suggest you start walking in dark alleys just to find out his love for you, but you’ll see this very same protection mechanism in other places. How does he behave when you’re sick? Does he take care of you? Does he cook for you? Does he sit next to you while holding your hand? Does he tell you bed time stories? I do that for my girlfriend when she’s sick. And I’m not kidding! 🙂

When you’re cold, does he take off his jacket so he’s now feeling cold, but you can warm up?

When you’re walking around in a city, where does he walk? The side of the buildings, the safe side, or the side of the street, so he can protect you from the cars that pass by? These are all subtle but important signals that a man loves you. And he’s probably not even aware of this, these are just automatisms.

And the third sign that a man loves you: how manipulative is he? Is he trying to make you do things that you don’t want?
Just think about everything that has been in the news in the last couple of years about men treating women in horrible ways, those are not men that loved those women. These men were manipulative Aholes. They were only thinking about themselves.

Does he want to change you? Or does he accept you the way you are? And I’m not talking about him saying: I really love your legs I wish you would wear a skirt more often. I’m talking about your personality. Does he accept you for who you are?

Is he thinking about your feelings? And not just in the bedroom, but elsewhere too. Does he take the time to listen to you when you have something that makes you emotional? When you’ve had a bad day?

Now one important thing is that men love to come up with solutions when they should just be listening, but that is not a sign of him not loving you. That could still be his protection mechanism at play, he wants to fix the problem for you and doesn’t get that you just wanted a listening ear.

The fourth sign, a very obvious and very often missed one: does he tell you he loves you? And not just an “I love you, bye”, no, does he hug you affectionately and then tell you: I love you. Does he take the time to cuddle, to caress you? How is he behaving after sex? This is an important one as well, is it haa, snore…. or does he stay awake and does he the time to stay awake and be kind to you? You have no idea how difficult this is for a guy. Our entire body at that time says: “Mission complete, initiate shutdown” so it’s tough to fight this, but when he does, that’s another great sign that he loves you.

Now the perfect guy does not exist! So no man will continuously give you all four, but when you see these four pop up on the radar every now and then, then you are safe.

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