And then I wondered: why do we always feel the need to explain ourselves, when others will always hear what they want to hear?

Why do we sometimes say: “maybe”, when deep down we’d rather say “yes” or “no”? And why do we often feel the need to explain ourselves?

Why do we often choose to stay stuck when deep down we know we should make the choice to move on?

Why are we often intimidated by other people’s opinions?

The answers are hidden in the following question:

When will we learn that we can’t hurt people with our decisions? We can only serve them.

At the beginning of every flight the flight attendant will tell you: “if there’s ever a problem, the oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Put them on yourself FIRST before helping others”.

That’s, in my opinion, the only way to live life.

I still help others. All lot of them thanks to my best-selling book written for women, but the most important lesson I’ve learned over a decade ago is this:

We are the most important person we will ever meet. So we should treat ourselves as such.

That’s the best way to empower ourselves.


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