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This video is about how to give him what he wants.

Not to become a man’s slave, not to make him your king, but to make him happy because he’s treating you well or, if needed, to gently steer his behavior.

So, what do men REALLY want?

It’s not sex. He can get sex in multiple places. If he’s an attractive guy it’s not THAT hard to get sex and if necessary he can even pay to get it.

But there’s one thing he can not get easily, not even by paying for it.
It’s the one thing ALL men want.

And that’s respect.


Every man wants to be respected.

Now wait, this is really a big deal even though it sounds so simple.

Ever since he was a little boy he’s been trying to show off by performing well. He may have been good at sports and worked hard to make his team win, other men admire him and girls want to be with him.

He may not have been good at sports but may have flaunted his good grades on a math test. That’s a little less effective to get girls, but still, he wanted to matter.

Every man wants to matter.

That’s the reason why most men buy cars that are too expensive and better than the neighbor’s car,
that’s why they buy expensive watches.
That’s why they want to be better than the next guy.

They want to matter. They want to impress other people and show them they have made it.

because they want to be respected.

Now, and here’s where you come in!

He’s not getting the respect he wants!

He may have a Porsche in the garage and a nice watch on his wrist and live in a mansion with 15 pools and a flamingo garden in his kitchen, but he will have found out it’s hollow, it’s not the kind of respect he desperately craves.

It’s YOUR respect he wants.

He wants to feel like a man. He wants to feel like he matters to the woman he loves.

He wants to be her knight in shining armor.

Really, men still want that.

So how can you give him that feeling then?

By giving him compliments, but careful, not just any type of compliment!

If he knows you’re giving him compliments so he would like you more, this will backfire.

It cannot be about his looks, about how much you like him not even about how great he was last night, although that will help a bit.

You’ll need to compliment his actions, things that make you proud to be his woman and when you do, you’ll see he will show you more of that very same action.

Let’s say you’re having dinner with him in a restaurant and he tells you something he has done at work, something he’s proud of.

What some women will do is say: “oh great, well I had a tough day at work, and I…”

Moment missed.

What he wants to hear is “wow, you did great, I love a man who can….” and then you fill in the thing he just did that day.

Sometimes all you need to do is say: I’m proud of you.

It’s also a super great way to control his behavior.

“John, I appreciate that you took out the trash, mowed the lawn, and polished my shoes, it makes me feel safe that I don’t have to worry about those things.”

Guess what John just felt? He felt important, he felt like a man, and he probably will do more of this, to get more of that feeling.

Some women do it differently: “John, why don’t you ever take out the trash…” and then they wonder why he doesn’t do it….

Steer his behavior by making him feel like a man.

That’s all he has EVER wanted, to be acknowledged, to be important.

Not just the narcissists, normal men too.

We get a jolt of the feel good hormone Dopamine in our brains at those moments.

We get it when we get compliments from our parents, our friends, our bosses and colleagues, but there’s one person who can make us feel like we are on top of the world, and that’s you, the woman we love.

Use this sparingly, but do use it.

As always, I’ve loved making this video. I love writing books for you and if you want more and you’re not yet following my podcast and videos newsletter, go to the description of this video and click on the link.

See you next time! I’m looking forward to it.

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