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I don’t know about you, but I think dating and starting a relationship would be a lot easier if we could just see or read someone’s feelings for us. Guessing is hard. Sometimes you can go out on a date with someone and you just know, fireworks! The next couple of days and weeks will be a lot of fun. Hopefully much longer. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen. A lot of dates are filled with: where is this going? Is this just a friendship, I’m attracted, but is the other person attracted as well? Is that a foot against my leg…oh no it’s someone else’s dog, is that a Doberman. Dating can be scary!

Why he’s hiding his feelings

In some cases both parties are so afraid to open up they may not even make it to a date. Perhaps they are working together, they both like each other, but nobody will ever know because feelings are being hidden and camouflaged. There’s another problem women specifically face. See players and men that date 5 times a week with a different woman will often be direct. When they like you, you will know because they will be flirting pretty hard. But the question is, do you want a so-called ladies man?

Because men with a smaller list of women whose hearts they’ve broken are usually less direct. They are more hesitant. They may like you a lot but it will be hard to see it. If you’re not paying attention that is. So in this video, let’s look at some signs a man may be hiding his feelings for you and why he may be doing it. My name is Geert, I’m an author, I also use the pen name Brian Nox and the first thing to know is that a lot of good men are hiding their feelings these days. For many reasons. Some will be shy, others will think it’s inappropriate to make it clear they like you because what if that offends you because you don’t like him, most men will be afraid of rejection and so on.

Is shyness a good indicator?

In general, the more a man likes you, the shyer he may become. Some women don’t like it when a man is shy, but when it’s easy for a man to flirt with you, to approach you, to ask you out, to kiss you for the first time, when all of that is no big deal to him, as easy as brushing his teeth, it doesn’t even raise his heart rate…then he might be attracted to you, but you are by definition not very special to him yet. When a man really likes a woman a lot, even the biggest warrior can turn into a shyer even bit insecure boy. Because he thinks you are very special and precious then.

Let’s start with a physical sign first. Sometimes physical signs are very obvious, sometimes things are not what they seem. Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? “Yep it’s a rocket, I’m an engineer at a space agency and this is a model of a rocket I’m working on” luckily there are other physical signs as well and if you pay attention to them, they can tell you a lot. One of them is nervousness when you haven’t kissed yet, so before the first kiss.

Again, when a man is very confident around you, then he doesn’t care a lot yet, he’s not afraid of losing you or of what you think of him and so on because you’re not super important to him yet. When he loses his confidence and becomes nervous, then you are a big deal to him. So nervousness is a great sign that he has a lot of unspoken feelings for you. He will not be relaxed. If you want to be really sure and you see he’s wearing a sport watch, just ask: does that thing measure your heart rate? Oh cool, what’s your heart rate right now. High is good. A lot of nerves then. And possibly time to see a cardiologist.

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When everything else becomes less important

Another great sign he has feelings for you is his attention. When a man has a lot of feelings for a woman, things unrelated to her are not important. I think it was Sam Sparrow who sang: if you’re not really here, I don’t want to be either. Because nothing else matters. If he has a lot of feelings for you, he wants to be close to you and other things are not that important. So let’s say you’re in a restaurant with a man. What is he paying attention to? Is he paying a lot of attention to who’s entering the restaurant, to the waiter, to other people, his phone or are you and him in a bubble and everything outside of that bubble doesn’t exist.

If you’re in a group setting and man has a hidden crush on you, he will constantly be in your area and if possible, right in front of you and he will be talking to you instead of other people. If you then say: “I’m going to get a drink” or “I’m going to catch some air”, he will try to join you. “Ah I was just thinking about a drink”, “ah, I was just thinking about catching some air myself” yeah and he was also thinking about catching your heart of course.

Another sign a man may have hidden feelings for you is when you hear through the grapevine that he’s talking about you, a lot. A simple example: say you had a haircut, you meet your friend Jenny and she says: “a yeah John told me you had a haircut”, if this happens a couple of times it could mean John can’t stop talking about you, which John of course only does because he can’t get you out of his head.

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When it seems he’s playing games with you

Now some signs that a man is hiding his feelings for you are undoubtedly from the “playing games” category. Now men can play games for bad reasons or because they are so afraid of you rejecting them that they use games to make you show your feelings first. I’ll leave whether that’s bad or not up to you but one sign here is he tries to pull back to see if that makes you go after him. Let’s say you’re doing something in a group setting, so you’re walking or riding bicycles, sitting in a park, you’re at a BBQ in a group.

What he may do then is separate himself a bit from the group, and not because he loves being alone, but because he wonders: will she come and find me? If I hang back, will she join me? So whereas the player will come after you, this type of man will pull back to see if that makes you go after him. If you do and you go find him and talk to him, he may think you like him. He needs that as a sign from you to ask you out for a date or to take the next step.

See, you may watch a video or two about the signs that a man likes you, he’s looking for signs that you like him. Players don’t care, they go for who they want signs or not, men that are afraid of rejection, so a large group of men, will be hesitant and will be looking for signs first. But here’s what’s interesting and this is important. Oftentimes when a man pulls back it’s because he’s not interested, and you shouldn’t put in any efforts. So when this very interested guy pulls back and you don’t go after him, he will be back in no time. Because he loves to be around you. That’s how you know the difference. If it ever feels like he’s ignoring you, it will not be for long. Because you are always on his mind.

The role of silence

Another great sign he may be hiding his feelings for you is when he’s trying to avoid silences. He wants you to find him interesting and usually we believe that silence is a bad thing then. He will be allergic to silence. So if he cannot sit in silence with you, if he’s always trying to make you engage with him, if he’s trying to be interesting or funny, if he’s always trying to come up with things to say so the conversation cannot die down, if you get multiple messages per day from him, then he likes you.

There you go. Hope you enjoyed this video.

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