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I know it’s often hard to know whether a man really loves you or not. He may say it, but how do you know he really means it? Now the good news here is that other things he will say will prove that he really loves and adores you. And those might even be more valuable than the words I love you, as you will find out in this video.

My name is Geert, I’m an author and I also use the much more pronounceable pen name Brian Nox and I write books about dating and managing our emotions. Now everything I’ll talk about in this video is for when you’ve been with him for a while, more than a month, so we’re sure it’s not just infatuation. And the first sentence I want to discuss is: “yeah try some of that too” when you just stuck your fork into something on his plate while eating out.

A thing you may not know is that most men are VERY protective of whatever is on their plate, especially in a restaurant. Remember, he first had to hunt down his prey, so go through the jungle of options on the menu, to then laser focus on his target and make a very hard decision (how do I want that cooked, rare medium rare, more vegetables on the side: pretty overwhelming), order it, wait for it… that will feel like ages, and then it’s finally in front of him. It smells great. It looks delicious. His mind thinks: “wow, it’s like heaven on a plate, and I’m so hungry… this may not even be enough.” And then you stick your fork in that.

Have you ever seen what lions do when you try to take their food away? So this is where you see how much he loves you. “here honey, try some of that too” would be a great sign because men don’t like to share their food with a woman they don’t love. And it’s not just food. On a side note, when a woman “steals” some of his clothes, that can be hard too. “You don’t mind if I borrow this sweater right?” “Euh…Then what am I supposed to wear? I clearly only have one sweater.“ But that’s just me perhaps.

Sentence number two: “I want you to come with me”, said when he’s about to do something you usually have no interest in whatsoever. If he’s a football fan and you are not, and he loves you, he will want to share his love for football, with the woman he loves. Even if during the game he’d continue to say: “ssst I’m watching”…. I know, Men…:-) Having you there by his side makes it more special. When are things more special? When we can share them with someone we love. Think about it. If you get 2 tickets to do something great, who will you ask to join you? Who do you want to share that moment the most with? Probably the person you love the most in the entire world right?

Another great sentence used by a man that loves you is when he starts saying: “we” and “us” and “our” to other people. This is a bit of a tricky one because it can come in many forms. “How are you?” “Great, my girlfriend and I are going on vacation”. Could mean anything. “Great, WE are going on vacation”. That’s a different story. We are getting a dog. We are moving in together. We don’t eat gluten. Our apartment is nice. If he starts to see the both of you as one and communicates it to the world, expecting that people know who we or us is. Then he has planned a future with you.

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A bad sign here is when a man and a woman have moved in together but the guy keeps calling it MY apartment when talking to other people. My kitchen, My dog. My toenail fungus. Well hopefully that one is just his. But the more a man loves you, the more he’ll see the both of you as a team, as one. Another great one used by a man when he loves you and the relationship is between let’s say 3 months and 2 years, is when you’re on the phone with him and after about 5-10 minutes you keep hearing ANY other sentence than: look I gotta go I’ll talk to you later, bye.

In other words, he loves you when he doesn’t mind being on the phone with you for 20-30-60 minutes or longer. Usually when a man is on the phone his attention span is about as big as that of a goldfish, a couple of seconds. He will suddenly have other pressing things to do. It’s an urge. But when you have already been dating him for a while, so the new has already worn off, and you’ve not been together for many years either, and he wants to keep talking to you, that’s a great sign.

Another great sentence used by men all over the world when they love a woman is: “tell me more”. So in this case you’re for example talking about something bad that happened in your past that hurt you, or even just something bad that happened at work today, and instead of saying: “I can’t hear you, I’m entering a tunnel” and then silence, which is especially weird when he’s standing right next to you, he will say: tell me more. When he loves you, he wants to know what you are all about. What’s going on in your life.

But he’s also reading your manual. He wants to know and understand what makes you happy and what makes you sad because he wants to do more of what makes you happy. And he also wants to be there for you, hence: tell me more. Now on a side note, he will not always say this, he will not always have the time for it and men also have a tendency to say “here’s what you can do to fix this” instead of “tell me more”, but when a man doesn’t love you yet, he will never have asked it because he just doesn’t care enough yet.

Another great sentence that can prove a man loves you is when he says “I’m on my way” and not to netflix and chill, but because your car got towed, or because you got in trouble. I still recall when I got a call from an unknown number many years ago and it was a colleague of my girlfriend telling me she had become very sick and was in pain. My immediate response was “I’m on my way”, I dropped everything, literally carried her out of there and took her to the doctor where I did what was necessary so she could get checked right away. I could have said: “well call an ambulance, do I look like an ambulance to you”.

I’ve said this in other videos as well but when a man loves you, he wants to be your hero, your protector. He wants to be there for you when needed and his words will prove that.

And finally: “I’d rather be with you instead” used as a sentence when you have been dating for a while, so here too we’re sure there’s no infatuation, and he says it while he had an opportunity to do something fun with friends for example. It’s not that when a man does something with his friends without you that he doesn’t love you of course! But sentences like: “My friends had front row tickets to the lakers game, but I’d rather be with you instead”, “my colleagues went out to get drinks and dinner, but I’d rather be with you instead”. Those are sentences used by a man that loves you.

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