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Video Transcript

There are guys out there who, when they are into you, are as subtle as brick through a window. But not all of them. I assure you that there currently are men in your life that have romantic feelings for you, while you have no idea. They’re dreaming about dating you or even having a relationship with you, but you simply can’t tell. What if this happens to be the guy YOU would love to date?

Some men use stealth tactics to “seduce” a woman because they for some reason believe it’s the best way to eventually end up in a relationship with her. Some men follow the: “I’ll pretend to just be her friend so she can then later on magically become my girlfriend” plan, others can sometimes play hard to get and pretend they’re not interested when they want nothing more than to have a relationship with you. Some men can be afraid of YOU rejecting them and remain at a distance because they’re convinced they’re not your type even though you’re giving signs that you are interested. In other words: some men are harder to read than some of Einstein’s theories.

So in this video I’ll cover 4 signs that a man secretly adores you and may have romantic feelings for you, but is trying to hide it.
My Pen name is Brian Nox, my unpronounceable real name is Geert. I write books about relationships and other topics, so let’s dive in. If you see all these 4 behaviors combined (so that’s important, combined), then you know how to answer the age-old question: does he like me?
Behavior number one: Feature Stacking

This happens when a man tries very hard to act totally casual, but can’t seem to stop presenting the list of his features and benefits. When you go buy a used car the car salesman will give you an entire list of features and benefits of that car whether you want to or not. Realtors and other salespeople do the same thing. So will he. He will try to paint a picture of how great your life will become as soon as you start a romantic relationship with him.

If you’re attentive, you’ll start to notice that he’s embedding achievements in the otherwise SEEMINGLY totally “casual” conversation he’s having with you.

How long does it take before he mentions how important he is or thinks he is, the type of car he drives heck even how good he is with kids or cats, whatever. In other words, he will drop in a feature or an achievement here and there in an effort to seduce you.
Something like this. “Oh so you like spaghetti. Well that makes me think of that Rocket I designed for NASA, you know because I’m an engineer with a PHD with a very stable paycheck by the way. I actually designed that rocket while I was eating a spaghetti at Giovanni’s in Rome because I like to travel a lot and I also speak French….. Euh yeah I know that’s not really useful in Italy… I don’t know why I just said that…but my car is Italian too, Alfa Romeo… So anyway do you like dogs?…”

This was a great example of a guy offering a waterfall of information in just a couple of sentences. When that happens, he’s trying to impress you. If this happens combined with the other behaviors, then he’s interested.

Number two:
He’s acting like a duck.
When you look at a duck that’s slowly and gracefully moving around in a pond, the duck will seem cool calm and collected. But beneath the surface his little feet are moving very rapidly of course. Romantically interested men act like that duck. They try to seem casual and cool, but beneath the surface…

See, when a guy is very nervous around you, he may have been drinking too many energy drinks. But if he’s nervous AND he’s trying to hide it at the same time…then that’s a powerful sign.

So let’s say you’re talking to a guy and he acts casual, maybe even disinterested and aloof, but at the same time you notice signs of nervousness, like some sweat or he’s constantly sipping from his drink to cover up his dry mouth (caused by his nerves again). If you’re not on a date in the middle of the desert and it’s not as hot as an oven, then he’s probably nervous about what you think of him. Beneath the surface, his heart is beating like he just ran 5 miles and he’s anxiously wondering where this is going.

Another great sign of this nervousness and hiding it is not knowing where to look at. Normal men are afraid to stare at your body because that’s generally not appreciated, so he may try to look into your eyes as much as he can but that for some reason scares him even more. So he won’t know where to look and his eyes will be all over the place… By the way, if you catch him staring at your lips or any other body part for more than a couple of seconds at a time, then he REALLY likes you, just not secretly.

Behavior number three:

He’s trying to make you laugh. Open just about any men’s magazine and you’ll read in the section of dating tips and “what women want” that ALL women apparently want a funny guy. A guy who can make them laugh. Hence, when a man likes you, he’ll try to be funny. That’s another way to hopefully impress you.

Behavior number four: He finds excuses to be close to you AND he wants you for himself. This is an interesting one. When a creepy guy tries to get close to you or to get you alone, it’s time to get the pepper spray out or to release your angry dogs if you have some running around.

Luckily, we’re talking about good guys here. When a man secretly adores you, he’ll love to be alone with you. For instance: if you’re talking to a guy and you’re suddenly joined by a friend or a colleague, watch his demeanor. Does he suddenly look like a toddler whose lollypop was just taken away?

Does he hover around in your vicinity? If you’re in a social setting he will for some reason always know where you are and be in your vicinity. If you look at him, you’ll either catch him looking at you (and then trying to hide that by clumsily looking away) or he will at least be in a position where he can see your whereabouts. He’s tracking your every move. That’s creepy, I know. He will also find excuses to be close to you in general. If you work in the same building he’ll find an excuse to use the printer closest to you and will walk by as much as he can for no apparent reason. In other words: you’ll see more of him.

A final word of wisdom: the more a man is trying to hide how much he likes you, the more honest and authentic his feelings will be. Players and bad men are as subtle as a T-Rex. You can hear them coming 10 miles away. But if you’ve seen Jurassic Park then you know that’s not always a good thing. So if you don’t mind that your guy is a bit shy like normal men usually are when they fall for a woman, then these 4 behaviors will be tell-tale signs to look out for.

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