Some people avoid singledom like it’s the plague. They’d rather stay in an emotionally unhealthy relationship than being single.
Why wouldn’t they? We all know all romantic relationships are nothing but unconditional love, tjirping birds, affection, mutual respect and most importantly: living happily ever after.

That’s what all relationships are about, right?

Unless when they are not.

First, I’m sure you already know that not a single relationship feels like heaven all the time. When the first weeks or months are over even the good relationships will feel average sometimes. But for some people the stresses start as soon as they start dating: “why didn’t he call?”, “what did he mean when he said that…”…

Now let’s look at being single for a second. That dreaded ‘singledom’. People telling: “ah, you’re still single. You’ll find someone great someday, don’t worry!”


Why would worries even be necessary?

Being single means you have time to explore the world and yourself without trying to match what you want with someone else’s wants and needs.

Being single means you can turn up the music and start to dance, whenever and whichever way you like without anyone telling you that’s weird.

Being single means you can decide what to eat, what to watch, what to do whenever you feel like it.

Being single means you can spend time doing whatever makes you happy.

Being single means you often don’t have to ‘worry’ as much as people who do have a relationship do.

Because as an author of books about love and relationships, I know for a fact that many people who are living the life, you know, who have a relationship, are not living happily ever after at all.

So for you to give up on your singledom and all of its perks, it better be for a person who gives you at least all of the benefits and great feelings that being single provides.

I’d rather be single than in an unhealthy relationship any day of the week.

What about you?

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